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2011-10-13 02:46:43 by CpLKaNe

Struggling to find motivation. Any suggestions?
Got new Hybrid Slinky's from Ernie Ball, they sound epic on an Ibanez

Audio Approved!!

2011-09-11 17:20:58 by CpLKaNe

Hell yeah! Check em out, more to come soon


2011-09-10 10:04:02 by CpLKaNe

When's the damn audio going to be verified? Lol, impatient me....
But we'll just have to wait and see...

Music in the making

2011-09-09 16:13:12 by CpLKaNe

Currently working on a few short tracks of various genres. I hope you people enjoy them as soon as they are up :)
Most of them will be on the guitar (an Ibanez RG321 with a Line6 Spider amp)